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Corporate Moves Toolkit

moving corporate records

Making sure your files arrive safely while remaining accessible and secure throughout the process can be a challenge. But it is also a great opportunity to get rid of what you don’t need and to make significant improvement in your existing RM program. We’ve put together this toolkit to help you make your move a successful one!

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    White Paper: Guide to Planning & Executing a File Move

    Driven by the need to accommodate growth, manage costs, or as result of a merger or acquisition, many companies are relocating to maximize efficiency. This resource contains all you need to know before, during and after your file move. Download White Paper
  • moves-tips

    White Paper: 3 RM Tips for Corporate Moves

    These are three best practices you'll need to keep in mind at all times! Designed to help make your move a success, our tips will also improve your RM structure and process at the same time. Download White Paper
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    How TAB Can Help You with Your Corporate Move

    At TAB we've worked with companies of all sizes to make sure their records moves were successful. Whether you're moving your files across the hall, or across the country, a file move can be a sensitive matter. You could trust the job to your moving company; however, you quickly realize how important your documents are when you can't find them. So why trust moving companies or some other untrained personnel to move, consolidate or convert your files? Turn the job over to a specialist. Read Article