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New to RM? Download the Fundamentals of Records Management Toolkit!

records management basics

Having the right building blocks in place is essential for creating a successful records management program. From managing your physical files to optimizing your existing space, engineering a strong base is an integral first step. To help, we’ve put together this toolkit which outlines some records management fundamentals to keep in mind when thinking about your RM program.

Whether you want to get your filing system up and running or just want a refresher on the fundamentals, this toolkit will help you get the most out of your RM system.

  • new-colorcoding

    White Paper: Optimize Your RM Program with Color Coding

    This whitepaper will show you how color coding greatly improves your access to files by making location easier and preventing misfiles, thereby enhancing your risk management and legal compliance efforts. Download White Paper
  • oct2007

    TAB Whitepaper: Eight Tips for Getting Corporate Buy-In on Your Records Management Program

    Successfully developing any records management program requires buy-in from all levels of the organization. Records management professionals who effectively communicate the basic goals and value proposition of records management to everyone from the senior executive to frontline staff are better able to get what they need. To understand how you can situate records management in a broader business context, including tips on what issues to talk about, whom to talk to, and how to deliver the message of records management, download our free whitepaper. Download White Paper
  • paper-retrieval

    Assessment Tool: Assess Your Filing Situation

    Struggling with lost files or long retrieval times? When you can't find your information quickly, you aren't managing your records, they are managing you! Diagnose your issues with the help of TAB's file retrieval needs assessment! Download Tool