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Records Retention Toolkit

Records Retention

Is your records retention schedule based on accurate information and requirements? If not, you may be exposing your organization to unnecessary business and compliance risks, while missing out on access and space savings benefits. We’ve put together this toolkit to help you create and implement the right retention schedule!

  • retention-risk

    TAB Guide: Taking the Risk out of Records Retention

    We've put together this guide to help you understand what we mean by records retention, how to get the benefits of records retention like space savings, how to implement a retention schedule, how to handle electronic records, and much more. Download Guide
  • retention-compliance

    Records Retention: TAB Helps You Get the Benefits and Avoid the Pitfalls

    At TAB we know how important a properly developed retention schedule is to the success of your program. It's a critical part of Corporate Governance model, forming the critical foundation for your records management activities. Let's look at some of the basics, and how we can help you develop the records retention schedule that is right for your organization. Read Article
  • retention-kit

    Records Retention Starter Kit

    Need an introduction to the issue of retention schedules? This tool will help you understand where you need to begin to focus your efforts, and get you on the road to creating the retention schedule your organization needs. Download Kit
  • retention-actionplan

    Myth Busting: A Records Retention Action Plan

    This resource will help you cut through common misconceptions-like the "seven year rule"-around records retention and help you develop a full records retention plan that works for your business. Download White Paper
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