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White Paper: Six Simple Tips for File Classification


Is it sometimes difficult for people in your organization to quickly get the information they need? Could your filing system be better?

If so, we’ve get a great resource for you. We’ve put together six simple steps to help you better organize your files by putting the right classification system in place. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. This resource will walk you through the process with clear, easy to understand instructions.

You’ll learn what classification is and why it is important, and how to:

  • Find the best way to start categorizing your files
  • Simply subdivide your categories
  • Keep your system consistent
  • Build a “retention friendly” filing system
  • Use codes to make it easy to find files
  • Deploy color coded files to cut retrieval time

By following our process, you can implement a file classification that will change the way your company uses your records!

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